Name: Listening To... Favorite Animal:
Florence Dr Steel Hooved Beasts
Pronouns: Reading... Favorite Food:
He/They IDW Sonic Comics Spicy Crab Rolls
Age: Eating... Favorite Clown:
19 Chocolate All of them!

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"Who are you? Where am I???"

Howdy howdy howdy! The name's Florence, but depending on what site I'm on, I'm either Killbent, or UncannyVilla. I'm 19, and my pronouns are he/they.

I'm a person who, many years ago, got a lot of cool art ideas that I hadn't seen others do, and in a fit of "fuck it I'll do it myself", I ended up learning digital art. And gotdamn am I getting that same feeling again but with game development this time :-)

As you can probably see, I'm a massive fan of cute vintage stuff. Things ranging from 70-80s Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake styled characters, to 40s Disney cartoons, to 30s cartoons. I also love old porcelain trinkets and will actively search for clown dolls when at a thrift store.

I'm also a big ol' fan of horror and dark fantasy-type stories. I've also become quite interested in northern european folklore, especially if it involves fey/fae/fair folk.

"What can you do here?"

Welll at the mo I got a little art gallery, a spot where I ramble, and there's a Tamagotchi-style game over at the bottom left corner if ya wanna play that while checking out the site!

I have a lot more plans though. I'm gonna add a place that'll showcase any games I make, gonna make a dress-up game, and I wanna make some site-adopts that you can collect from a text-adventure game! Oh, and I should also add some more pages lmao

"Why'd you make a website?"

I'd been thinking about learning HTML for Toyhouse reasons, but seeing a post on tumblr talking about Neocities is what finally pushed me to actually start learning! I'd already been learning GDScript at this point, so that ended up simplifying the learning process a little 'cause of the prior coding knowledge.

And gotdamn am I glad I did that! This place is great, I feel like a kid in a candy shop! It's so fun lookin' at other people's sites and seeing things like site adopts and shrines and going "Oh shit, I wanna do something like that too!".

I never really got to see Geocities. I was like, 6 when it shut down. So being able to be here and see so many awesome sites and going "holy shit, the web used to be all like this?" and actually making my own site is an amazing experience!! I literally made a tamagotchi game for this website, I'm mad with power!!!

"Who's the orange puppet?"

That'd be the site's mascot! He completely lacks a name, but he popped into my head as I was listening to Oingo Boingo a while back, and while I was making placeholder images for this site he just kinda integrated himself into the site!

What a splendid fellow he is. He actually appears on this site more than my own persona (the black cat cyclops atop this page). He's even the one greeting you at the home page in place of me! I almost view him as a second persona... oh no, he's a second persona.

In fact, to double down on that realization, here's a Q.N.A where he's the one answering questions in my place! :-D

look at him while you can because I'm killing him soon


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