"Who are you? Where am I???"

Howdy howdy howdy! The name's Florence, but depending on what site I'm on, I'm either Killbent, or UncannyVilla. I'm 18, and my pronouns are she/they, but I've been questioning that recently.

I'm a person who, many years ago, got a lot of cool art ideas that I hadn't seen others do, and in a fit of "fuck it I'll do it myself", I ended up learning digital art. And gotdamn am I getting that same feeling again but with game development this time :-)

As you can probably see, I'm a massive fan of cute vintage stuff. Things ranging from 70-80s Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake styled characters, to 40s Disney cartoons, to 30s cartoons. I also love old porcelain trinkets and will actively search for clown dolls when at a thrift store.

I'm also a big ol' fan of horror and dark fantasy-type stories. I've also become quite interested in northern european folklore, especially if it involves fey/fae/fair folk.

"What can you do here?"

Well uhhhh right now? not that much! I plan to add an art gallery, maybe a place where I can ramble, aaand a spot to showcase any games I've made! (Which is only one right now and it's a scratch game but ehhh y'know)

I also plan on slapping a tamagotchi-type game in the corner, which I. may or may not plan on trying to make myself.


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