This'll be where I share all the games I've made!... Which is, uh, only one right now (not counting the one in the corner of this site). But I'm making another right now in Godot! Be on the lookout for that!

Sunny's Sunflower Garden

Play on Scratch

My first ever game! Made in Scratch while I was first learning game development, Sunny's Sunflower Garden is a simple gardening game where you plant sunflower seeds, watch them grow, and pick them to sell! Like I said, it's very simple with not much else to do.

There's actually a small goal in this game. Notice how when you sell your sunflowers, you can see them pop up in the background? If you sell enough flowers, you'll be able to fill the whole field with them!

Note: This game was made a year ago, so Sunny's design was a tad bit different to how he looks in his latest game.

Development Time: June 2021 - August 2021